List Management

Great Lakes List Management stands ahead in the direct marketing industry as one of the oldest, most knowledgeable, privately held list companies. Our list owners trust us with their most valuable asset – their customers. Great Lakes List Management assists businesses by monetizing their consumer databases. For a company to successfully promote its goods and services, targeting the correct audience is crucial. Sharing data with pre-screened businesses will generate ancillary source of income for you when partnered with the correct list manager.

Data Products

Great Lakes List Management offers a wide spectrum of unique managed files in addition to some of the top consumer databases in the nation.

  • Direct mail lists
  • B2B lists
  • Telemarketing lists
  • Response driven data
  • New mover data
  • Trigger data
  • Psychographic / Behavioral data
  • Email campaigns

Service Bureau

  • The ability to provide custom counts with lightning fast response time
  • Merge/purge and suppression services
  • Priority service at no additional charge
  • The flexibility to manipulate date to suit your company’s needs
  • Do – Not – Call scrubs
  • Postal hygiene
  • Reverse appending
  • Data enhancement

Quadrilateral Marketing

Great Lakes List Management has the capability to provide data at any given radius from any deliverable postal address. Our in-house service bureau provides customizable radius data pulls based on our clients’ specifications. Some of the selectable criteria we have are: age, income, home, ownership, marital status, etc. This is particularly effective for retail and point of sale offers such as banks, cash advance offers, brick & mortar retailers, health care providers, insurance, and much more.

In addition to providing the actual quantity of prospects within the radius, we are also able to de-duplicate overlapping geographies as prioritized by you. Having extensive experience with clients who have anywhere from 300 to 500 individual locations, we’re well versed in the many considerations inherent in radius marketing. Great Lakes List Management is ready to help you NOW.

Data Hygiene

Our in-house service bureau provides top notch services including:

  • Order fulfillment
  • Custom count capability
  • Appending
  • Reverse appending
  • Postal hygiene
  • Do-Not-Call scrubs
  • Data Security Encryption
  • Merge-Purge services
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Radius Data Pulls
  • Processes 1.2 billion records with thousands of data elements per record