Privacy Policy

Great Lakes Lists, maintains a firm commitment to your privacy.

Privacy refers to the information we gather about you and how that information may be used. Great Lakes Lists reserves the right to change this policy at any time without prior notification. It is solely your responsibility to check back often to review any policy changes that may affect you.

Information that is gathered about you on our web site.

The type of information we gather about you depends entirely on how you choose to use our services. We ask only for the information necessary to serve you best; for example:

For Count System Access, your name, company name, address, phone number, email and Fax number are necessary to uniquely identify your counts run for future reference, accurate delivery of list orders and to contact you with information regarding new lists and special offers that we think may interest you.

For Email Communications, all we need is your email address.

From time to time, we may conduct optional Surveys or run Contests -- survey and contest forms may ask for contact, demographic and purchase preference information. If you choose to Register for these offers, the registration form requires only delivery information and although other questions are asked, responding to these questions is your decision.

About Cookies

Great Lakes Lists uses cookies for technical reasons within the use of our Count System service and to enable Customer Service live help.

When you register on our Web site, our site sends a cookie to your browser to put in a cookie file. This cookie contains absolutely no personal information about you, but only a line of text that allows you to access your account information. For this reason, cookies are not destroyed after you leave our site or turn off your computer. When you return to our site, a number in this text associates your computer with the information we are storing for you.

About Registration

Great Lakes Lists provides on-line counts as a service to you, our customer. You choose whether or not to take advantage of it.

If you register with us, we store your information in an effort to make your ordering experience faster and easier. After registering, to access the on-line count system and Brokers Advantage system you can simply identify yourself with the user name and password that you have selected.

The information you provide during registration is stored in a secure database and is not seen by external parties. Furthermore, once you login to the count system all data from that point on is encrypted and protected by a secure socket layer and cannot be viewed by any external source.

Great Lakes Lists reserves the sole rights and discretion to terminate system access without prior notification. For terms and conditions of usage you should also read our Terms and Conditions Section.

Communications and Your Options

Once you complete the system registration, inquiry/count request forms or send us an email, we will use your contact information to respond to your communications, and later, keep you advised of new lists and special offers. If at any time, you would like to discontinue communications (emails, phone calls, faxes, newsletters or advertising from our partners)

Finally, as a part of doing business, we NEVER exchange your business name and address with mail list service bureaus