List Management

Who We Are

Great Lakes List Management stands ahead in the direct marketing industry as one of the oldest, most knowledgeable, privately held list companies. Decades of experience have given the opportunity to establish relationships with top data brokers and direct mailers. This deep network of brokers and mailers rely on our expertise to select the ideal list for their offer.

What We Do

  • Our list owners trust us with their most valuable asset – their customers. The features that make your customers attractive to you make them just as attractive to other businesses. Great Lakes List Management assists businesses by monetizing their consumer databases.
  • For a company to successfully promote its goods and services, targeting the correct audience is crucial. Sharing data with pre-screened businesses will generate an ancillary source of income when partnered with the correct list manager.

Why Share Data

Other companies are already making money by mailing to your customers.

The average consumer is on many lists:

  • Homeowner
  • Magazine subscriber
  • Catalog buyer
  • Sweepstakes entrant
  • Automobile owner
  • Infomercial buyer
  • Warranty card responder
  • and more

Businesses like these are generating revenue through data sharing. For every piece of business-to-consumer or business-to-business mail that is sent, someone earned income from the name on the envelope, including your competitors.

It's time to learn how to earn your fair share.

Why Great Lakes?

  • Great Lakes List Management acts like a small company but thinks BIG. Although some of our competitors may be larger, they cannot provide the personalized service and fast turnarounds that we offer – nor do they offer the amount of data that we do.
  • Great Lakes Lists Management employs only the very best and most knowledgeable experts in the business who will explore every opportunity to generate maximum list rental income.

How the Process Works

After data is sent to our in-house service bureau, Great Lakes List Management at no cost to you will:

  • Ensure deliverability to USPS standards
  • Verify the phone number is associated with the address
  • Run all do-not-call/do-not-mail suppression
  • Append a host of demographics to your data including but not limited to: average age, average income, level of education, marital status, presence of children, homeowner, status, etc.
  • Create and maintain databases

Additionally at no cost to you Great Lakes List Management will:

  • Create all marketing materials, promotions and news releases
  • Handle all inquiries and counts
  • Fulfill, bill and collect on orders

Your responsibilities as the list owner include:

  • Approving or rejecting offers for your list
  • Sending new/fresh data on a predetermined schedule
  • Cashing your monthly royalty check

What We Don't Do

Great Lakes List Management will NEVER

  • Ask you to send us a check
  • Charge you for marketing or start-up costs
  • Deduct from your royalties
  • Bill service bureau fees
  • Charge for Do-Not-Calls/Do-Not-Mail suppression

How much money will I make?

There are variables that determine how profitable a list will be. Factors such as amount of new records being added, the freshness of the database, the sourcing of the file etc. all define how successful a list will be. Give the experts at Great Lakes List Management the opportunity to learn more about your data and put together a customized projection of expected monthly revenue.

Great Lakes' Managed Lists

Here are just a few of the companies who have taken advantage of the profit producing services that Great Lakes List Management has to offer:

  • Credit card applicants direct from a bank
  • Phone disconnects
  • Pay day loan files
  • Senior social network responders
  • New credit card issues direct from issuer
  • New Movers

Great Lakes' Licensed Properties

We license and house 4 of the top 5 compiled consumer databases as well as the Dun & Bradstreet business database and several other important lifestyle/psychographic databases. These relationships allow Great Lakes List Management to provide approximately 40% more data than our closest competitor.

Additional Data Services

Our in-house service bureau provides top notch services including:

  • Order fulfillment
  • Custom counts
  • Data enhancement
  • Reverse appending
  • Postal hygiene
  • Do-not-call scrubs
  • Data security encryption
  • Merge-purge services
  • Custom profiles
  • Radius data pulls

Will My Data Be Secure

In one word: YES!

Because of our history of working with leading financial institutions, Great Lakes List Management is Gramm-Leach-Bliley compliant and non-public personal information compliant. Data is stored on-site under optimal security on a secure, encrypted server. Your data is always safe with us.